Affiliate Marketing Trends: What’s New in the UK and Globally?

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The Growth of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing has long been a part of digital marketing, but recently, influencer marketing has become a significant trend in the UK and globally. Social media influencers, bloggers, and vloggers are now an essential part of brands’ affiliate marketing strategies. Consumers trust and engage more with influencers than traditional advertising, and as a result, influencer marketing has become a lucrative business. Brands are investing more in influencer marketing, and according to a survey by Influencer Marketing Hub, 63% of businesses plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2021.

However, as influencer marketing continues to grow, it is essential to ensure that influencers disclose their brand partnerships transparently. In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has implemented guidelines on influencer marketing, requiring influencers to disclose their sponsored posts to be transparent with their followers.

The Rise of Video Content

Video Content

Video content has been on the rise for the past few years, and it is not slowing down. According to a report by Cisco, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. This trend has led to an increase in video content in affiliate marketing. Brands are now creating video content to promote their products and services, and affiliates are incorporating videos into their marketing strategies to increase engagement and conversions.

Video content can take various forms, such as explainer videos, product reviews, or how-to videos. Brands are also partnering with influencers and affiliates to create video content that resonates with their audience and promotes their products.

The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

Responsive Site

Mobile devices account for more than half of website traffic, and as a result, mobile optimisation is crucial for a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Brands and affiliates must ensure that their websites and landing pages are mobile-friendly and load quickly to provide a seamless user experience. Mobile optimisation also includes creating content that is easily readable on smaller screens and designing creatives that fit within mobile dimensions.

Furthermore, the rise of mobile devices has led to an increase in mobile commerce or m-commerce. Mobile devices have made it easier for consumers to shop online, and m-commerce is expected to grow even more. Brands and affiliates must adapt to this trend and create mobile-optimised promotions and campaigns to capture this market.

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